With more than 145 Member Firms, M Financial Group is one of the nation’s leading financial services design and distribution companies. Since 1978, M Financials network of independent insurance, investment, and executive benefit firms has served the needs of ultra-affluent individuals, corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1000 companies.


We and our staff specialize in the following services:

  • Estate Planning/Preservation
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning/College Funding
  • Buy/Sell & Business Succession Planning
  • Executive Benefits/Non-Qualified Plans
  • Key Person Protection Plans
  • Professional Money Management
  • Annuities & Mutual Funds
  • Group/Individual Life Insurance
  • Group/Individual Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care (Nursing Home) Insurance

Are you aware that you can…

  • Potentially avoid paying high estate taxes?
  • Control your assets and still substantially reduce your estate?
  • Integrate your charitable gifts into an overall estate plan?
  • Coordinate estate plans with your adult children to increase overall effectiveness?
  • Reduce or eliminate portions of your business to benefit your children and grandchildren?
  • Plan for long-term care without depriving your children and grandchildren of a share in your success?

Wealthy families often have multiple assets that require special planning. The team of analysts and advisors at Becker Suffern McLanahan can help you guard against potential risks and take advantage of the possibilities for preserving wealth by determining which tax strategies best suit each asset.

M Financial Group’s Member Firms are recognized in the wealth transfer, executive benefits, and wealth management markets. Through the relationships M Financial has established with major product manufacturers, including John Hancock, Nationwide, Pacific Life, Prudential, TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company, and UNUM, and the expertise of more than 135 leading independent financial services firms, Member Firms are positioned to deliver customized insurance, benefits, and investment solutions to meet the complex needs of their clients.