UBA Partner Firms deliver powerful results through shared wisdom and resources

Becker Suffern McLanahan, Ltd. is proud to be a United Benefit Advisors (UBA) Partner Firm. UBA is the nation's leading independent employee benefits advisory organization. The basis of the partnership is a stringent, invitation-only review of expertise, professionalism, ethics and industry standing.

As a UBA Partner, BSM remains a local, independent benefits advisory firm. We live here and understand your unique needs. You benefit from the experience and resources of more than 2,000 professionals across the U.S. You enjoy sophisticated, cost-effective solutions which are very often superior to even the largest brokerage firms – all with the personal service that only an independent advisor can deliver. Shared wisdom leads to powerful results. 

Here is a small sampling of the helpful tools and resources that UBA Partner Firm clients enjoy:

The most comprehensive, validated survey of U.S. medical plan design and costs ever conducted, delivering valuable benchmarking data for confident decisions and effective communication.

A Resource Center designed to help employers stay informed and manage changes in benefits compliance and labor laws.  Plus, UBA Partners are equipped to provide expert guidance.

An online employee benefits handbook to boost the effectiveness of your benefits communications and save HR staff and employee time and energy - mobile friendly and easily accessible! 

A proprietary 'private exchange' to position large employers (50+) to better control costs and help employees make good decisions - plus, it's simple to implement and carefree to manage.


The UBA partnership is diverse and spans North America and the U.K. Employer-related expertise includes benefit plan management, HR consulting, compliance, retirement services and more. We deliver solutions through shared best practices, economies of scale and proprietary services.

In addition to expertise and resources, UBA Partners share a few other vital assets – trust, integrity and a total commitment to providing superior service to our clients. We help you craft smart and competitive benefits while adhering to the highest level of ethical standards in the industry. 

Employers face a wave of challenges that threaten their success: economic stress, rising costs and health reform, to name a few. To survive – and thrive – employers must find solutions to control benefits costs while continuing to attract and retain the best workforce. UBA Partners help protect your company’s financial health and make a real difference in the lives of your employees.



Our UBA partnership allows us to provide premier, personalized service that can help you offer the best benefits for your employees. Here’s how:

SHARED WISDOM: Partner Firms share best practices, get guidance and access resources through UBA’s intranet, the Wisdom Network. By sharing ideas and strategies, Partners stay ahead of benefits trends and are equipped to craft unique solutions in today’s turbulent economic environment.

CURRENT KNOWLEDGE: Partners meet regularly with their colleagues and other industry leaders to train and share solutions. UBA Partner Firms never stop learning, and that stream of knowledge translates into better service for you.

COLLABORATION & COMMITMENT: When you face a tough challenge, you can rely on a UBA Partner who can draw upon the knowledge and services of thousands of benefits professionals. No matter what the issue, UBA Partner Firms will work to find the solution for you.

TOP TOOLS: UBA Partners have access to a wide range of exclusive benefits and HR-related tools, including the nation’s largest health plan benchmarking survey, that no one else – even the big brokers – can offer.

TRUSTED, PROVEN ADVICE: To be part of UBA, Partners must have a proven track record of financial success, experience and integrity. UBA Partner Firms strive to be the most trusted and most reliable benefits experts in their individual market.

WHAT DOES ALL THAT GIVE YOU? Powerful results that help you secure the well-being and productivity of your workforce while saving you time and money.